Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twists and Turns...still waiting

Not much new has happened since my last post...we are still in the stage of "Be still...and wait". and wait. and wait. yeah you get the picture. This journey has been such a road of laughter, unexpected turns, frustrations and many unknowns. Jenna and I were in the car yesterday after yet another typical "Jenna Kelsey" incident and we decided we need to start carrying a camera around to document this journey to share with you all. Words just don't quite give you the whole picture but I will try my best:
Since Jenna arrived on Wed we have run out of money, counted change at taco bell and got so excited when we realized we could get an 89 cent burrito!!! Have gone through major transitions of "wow everytime we have been together in the last 4 years we have been stressing or feeling guilty about homework"....now...we sit here waiting going hmmm, what are we supposed to do with ourselves, we have no money to go do something, we have no friends, cool. It's been full of funny moments too...like discovering that TN storage units have these green grasshopper things that are literally ALL over ALL the walls and doors and you have to walk through all of them to get to your unit....yeha picture two girls from MN/CO bolting through waving their hands in the air and jumping in the car as fast as possible. There are also the moments of "Holy Cow" is this for real?Like when we found an incredible deal on an apartment and put down our deposit (now it would be nice to have a job so we can actually MOVE IN) or Like our interview with Pier One. No big deal right? Yeah until you go in and the manager starts talking about God's plan for us and how he is neighbors with the Chapmans and is so excited about me wanting to work for Show Hope...people are pretty nice here. Then there are the awkward moments of Amy Grant's son taking the dresser up to our room and us trying to help and turn on the lights but not being enough room and Jenna almost having a moment on "hand on boys butt" and then us realizing that well my suitcase is open with lots of nice underwear just kinda laying out.....
And then today...we had to run some stuff into the Show Hope office for Kathy and there standing right there is Steven Curtis Chapman...no big deal. He has only been walking around all afternoon as we sit here in the coffee shop.
I am still waiting for a job, I got to "work" for Show Hope yesterday because they needed someone to watch the office...it made me want the job that much more. So close, but not yet quite within reach :(
Life is full of the unexpected....full of laughter....frustrations....and moments that someday we will look back on and smile...grateful for the stories and the Journey that led us to the future.

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