Sunday, September 27, 2009


So everytime this past week I have told someone my situation and this long, boring wait for a job and how if we don't hear about jobs by wed we don''t get our apartment...everyone has responded with..."Kelsey, God never works that way with know that you are not going to find out until Wed if you have a job."
Then Mamma Scott being the wise person that she is...says "You just need to wait, then wake up wed morning expecting a job."
so we kinda hit our days of being ready to give up this weekend...we were complaining about the weather, the waiting, the not having money, the not being able to have a schedule, not being able to eat healthy, etc, etc....In the back of my mind I'm going, Kelsey you are SO blessed, there are people who literally have NOTHING...but does that stop me? Of course not.
SO we went to church this morning and the first round of worship was incredible and slowly eased us into what was about to be a big face smacking. They did songs about trusting God and stepping closer to Him, He will never let you go, depend on starting to see where this is going? I was but again...Denial.
Then it was all laid out....Paul and Silas, in the prison, singing praise. But not just light and fluffy like that, nope with great detail about the pain they endured, the conditions they were in, the fact that they had EVERY reason to complain...but didn't. Then the pastor goes on to give examples of what we complain bad the examples ALL applied to me :( "Why are you complaining and worried about not having the finances? Not knowing your living situation? Not having the job you want? (By now Jenna and I are glancing at each other "guilty" written all over our faces).
He put it this way...if you were a writer you don't just write things on is all with a purpose, even if the reader doesn't see the reason right away. This life, this journey, is not your story to write...This is God's. we need to choose if we are going to stick around long enough to see the reasons and the results. Then we end and again come the songs of, trust, surrender, perspective.
Perspective was a word used a lot this morning throughout the sermon and it has really stuck with me...we choose which perspective to take and I seem to be pretty good at taking the doubtful, pessimistic one....when really I should be excitedly taking the perspective of Wow, God is doing something incredible here and I am honored to be considered a part of it.
So back on track and ready to face the by wed=apartment no jobs by wed= taking positive perspective and seeing what else He has in store.

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