Sunday, September 20, 2009

Desperate Roomates...

Before you start questioning the title for this post let me explain: Jenna and I have been constantly going through and figuring out budgets, how to get furniture, how to get connected and make friends ect...whenever we mention any of these to someone they usually respond with "Oh you should put up an ad in the Fellowship Bible Church classifieds". Well this is what our ad would look like....

Desperate Roomates-in need of-
we just moved here, have no jobs,
not a single piece of furniture, no money, and no friends.
If you have kids for us to babysit, families for us to photograph,
furniture for our apartment, people to be our friends, real jobs to give us
or really just anything at all that you can give...we would be very grateful.

Sound desperate?

So the last week and half have held a lot of adventure. We were sitting with our friends Chris and Lindsey Wheeler and voicing our "frustration" over not being able to find jobs and not having anything to do with no money to do anything with. They gave us the ol wise advice of "Just take advantage of this time in your life". So we decided to do just that.
We have managed to fill our days (on the side of looking for jobs) with lots of fun things....let me just give you a's so much better that way.

we went to try on shoes at DSW and Ross...we had to see what it felt like to wear some good ol TN cowboy boots...

Then being smart we thought, lets go garage sale shopping for furniture...and we had been warned- get there early and grab what you want...well we always laughed when people said that but oh RAIN or shine these people are SERIOUS about there garage sales! several neighbor hoods were having sales and this is what they all looked was near immpossible to get in or OUT of the neighborhood and I'm telling you it was POURING we looked like we had just gone swimming...BUT it only poured when we just happened to be standing with a stuff in our hands manuvering them into the side doors of my car because my back door doesn't open....

we found this shelf and in the pouring rain it looked pretty nice...a little paint and it would be great ($2 is hard to beat) yeah then we took this picture.....worth $2? we will see

but the moments that make it all worth the craziness....and those God moments that take your breathe away....are like this.....

So that is our update....we are sitting here...I now have no bank account (still got my wonderful credit card debt) babysitting money in my pocket, canceled photoshoots, a broken down car, a week of waiting and counting pennies....but then Sunday..I finally have orientation for my NEW JOB at Pier 1. God works in mysterious ways

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