Friday, June 4, 2010

Capture the moments....

So it's been awhile and I've written several blog entries, but decided not to post any of them. I won't explain why. Let me give a slight update on life these past couple months and what the next few months are looking to hold (although you never know what God has planned).
So my last update we were in the midst of a flood here in Nashville, I had just started a new part-time job, we were planning on moving, we had just brought two puppies into our was crazy.
Well, not gonna lie, it hasn't slowed down one bit....but a lot has changed, it has been filled with many plan altering moments.....
The flood clean up has been phenomenal. I have been shown such a wonderful image of what it means to live in community here. Nashville definitely knows what it means to stand by your neighbor, help a stranger, and give freely to those in need. We have taken a disaster and have done the best we can....using mainly our own resources and helping each other from with, Nashville. It is definitely a sight to see and only strengthens my growing love for this place.
After some stressful days/weeks (I've lost all track of time the past two months) Angie or should I say...Charlotte decided to arrive be exact, she decided to come the day that I just happened to be flying to Colorado. Well so much for having plans ;) although I had to wait a week to meet her I am completely obsessed and cannot get enough of her while I'm at work. I flew to Colorado for a week to watch my sweet, all grown up, little brother walk across the stage and receive his high school diploma...I could not be more proud. It was so good to see him, spend time with family, introduce them to the new puppy (who yes, made the flight there and back on a separate airline than me) and just get away for a week.
Through all of this things had been falling apart with the moving plans and it turns out we just couldn't afford to cut out of our lease early and after a long, extremely frustrating fight with our apartment company and lots of yelling back and forth on the phone we are just sitting tight till our lease is up at the end of October and praying about where God wants us after that.
So...a crazy few weeks.
The next several months holds lots of traveling (hopefully) and I am beyond ecstatic (for those of you who know how restless I get in one place). Jenna and I may be taking a very quick trip to MN beginning of July, then maybe, just maybe I may be going back to CO for a quick trip to see a dear friend get married, then Jenna and I head off on vacation with the dear Smith fam (so excited) then.....ready for it......I may be going to Haiti for a week in September!!! That is if I can come up with $500 by June 27 and then the other $1000 for the rest of the trip. It is a place that has been on my heart since middle school and I am so praying that it works out. Hopefully after that I can then get on my plans about going to Guatemala simply because it has just been too long since I have been to my beautiful home away from home.
It's funny that all this has been coming up and so many discussions have been centered on living a life of adventure...not the lets go out and do stupid things kinds of adventure, but true, life living, God seeking adventure. And how although sometimes it would be nice to have a steady job with benefits and live in the same place for years and secure a nice little bubble around myself....I love love love not knowing what tomorrow holds, I love hopping on a place and not knowing what the next trip will bring into my heart, I love meeting people from all over the world with different stories, backgrounds, cultures and seeing them live out their adventures for Christ. This book I'm reading, by my new favorite author Erwin McManus is talking about moments. How a moment happens in the blink of an eye, a split second, in a breath....yet every moment can change your life, can impact the future is such enormous ways. A favorite quote so far that has stuck out to me is this, "Time was not created with the power to hold you back. And if the future terrifies you, then just take it one moment at a time."
So right now I'm loving the crazy, ridiculous, frustrating, joyful, amazing moments God is bring to my life. I'm loving having no idea what the future holds, having no idea what tomorrow holds, I'm loving being on this crazy adventure that God has lead me to and I'm looking forward to watching it all play out.
So that is my update.....
Praying for you you, miss you (to all my far away friends and family)