Saturday, May 1, 2010

Flooding.....I Will Carry You

*EDIT* soooo I am actuaully currently stuck at Angie's house due to these crazy storms and flooding. and we were just mentioning how maybe she should change her blog name to "Stop the rain" instead of "Bring the rain"......anyway please keep all the victims of the floods and tornados in your prayers, there have been deaths, injuries and so so many homes, cares, stores etc damaged. It may get worse as we are supposed to continue to get rain...we have already passed the record for most rain in one day here ever recorded. The flooding is crazy around here and although I am thankful I was blessed to be safe and have a place to stay, I pray for those stuck, those having to evacuate their homes and those waiting to see if they will be reached by the floods. (Also pray for my roomie...she is home with our sweet puppies and it's never fun to be home alone during this kind of thing...especially in our apartment)

You need to go buy this book and support this amazing woman!
Let me tell you a little about who she is.....
Angie Smith is married to Todd Smith (lead singer of Selah) Angie started a blog to keep her friends and family informed about their pregnancy with sweet baby Audrey and it turned into such a way to connect and let others know that they are not walking alone. It has been amazing to see so many touched by this story and I am so proud of Angie for being able and willing to write her thoughts for all to see. She is honest, vulnerable, raw and real. You can check out Audrey's story here (have some kleenex handy), it is a story of faith, trials, pain, inspiration and how God used the short life of one baby girl along with her family to touch thousands. This is not a candy coated happy-go-lucky Christian story of how they just smiled through it all and trusted is so raw, real and refreshing.
Her book gives even more detail and you will not be able to put it down.
SO without further ado...go buy it