Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Journey continues...

Here I am...still in the waiting period of the transition phase. It's such a time of mixed emotions and desires. On one hand I am happier than I have been in a long time, I have so much to look forward to, am blessed with so many opportunities and am getting to spend some amazing quality time with my dear Wheeler family. On the other hand I am craving a settled life, predictability, friendship, and the knowledge that I will be able to make ends meet day by day. The feeling of not moving back onto a campus with 3000 people my own age as left me surprisingly a little sad and missing people so, I have become a facebook adict since getting to Franklin :) and am catching up from not having much cell service this past summer....sooo to those of you who have gotten several texts from me or phone calls.....I'm just excited to talk to people my age....either that or Eliana has found my phone and decided you were special enough for her to call haha.
God has taken me on a crazy ride and despite the road blocks and attacks that have come He has still gotten me to where I am sitting right now and I know that I need to trust that tomorrow is in His hands.
Tomorrow I go in and meet with Show Hope and interview to see if I will be considered for staff, Jenna gets here Thurs night, we look at apartments and stop at storage Friday.....we have quite the week ahead :)

On a totally side note...CONGRATULATIONS SCHRODER FAMILY!!! Welcome to the world dear little Lily Anne.

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