Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A place to call home...

So now that the comcast guy just left and I am sitting in the middle of MY living room in awe of the fact that I am living in my own apartment with real live internet....I figured I would take a break from painting/organizing/picture editing to give a little update on mine and Jenna's life right now.
currently I am becoming a pro at opening boxes, assembling furniture, putting clothes on racks, etc. Not exactly my cup of tea and really not bringing in enough money to pay rent, but, its a job. We finally we able to move into the apartment after postponing it about four times. It still seems unreal and it is still very empty.
Other than working the 4:30 am shifts at Old Navy and Pier 1 I have also been doing a lot of babysitting for some wonderful families, running a few photo sessions (please let me know if you want one!) and getting to tag along with this wonderful lady while she shines like a pro and I watch on hoping someday to be as cool as her ;)
So as much as I have been frustrated and slightly on the glass half empty side lately....life really is not treatin me to bad. It's an adventure and a crazy one at that.

Enough talk...here are some pictures to show you more:

eating our first dinner in our living room :)
this is why we were eating on the floor...our great deal table was a "great" deal because, well there was some assembly required
before we even braved opening the box-our one and only piece of furniture in our apartment
my window is the one on the second story
move in day...pretty much felt like move in day at college except everyone just stares at you while you struggle to carry a huge dining room table box up the stairs...which eventually just got pushing up the stairs while we were almost peeing our pants from how ridiculous we looked...yeah no more 3000 college students all moving in together and helping each other out deals
hmm phrase of the day "Whats that?" "Uh, I don't want to know"
Living room...oh so spacious and empty haha
Jenna's glamorous bedroom
my wondeful bedroom...you should have seen the look on our landlord's face when we told her we didn't have furniture or beds....she thought we were insane

YAY a piece of furniture (still missing two chairs which are still sitting un-assembled, they were pretty painful to put together)More to come...hopefully when things start looking a little better. But we are so thrilled to finally have our own place. I am currently working on painting my bedroom and we are hitting up some garage sales this weekend hoping to find some more filler furniture!!!

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  1. so excited for you girl !!! the apartment looks great ... any chance you are free next Wed 7:30-4 ??? We have the Brentwood Methodist Shopalooza to set up and sell for ... Emily keeps asking for you !!!!