Monday, November 2, 2009


These are some dear sweet friends of mine and they are starting their first adoption. As most of you who have adopted is not cheap. I thought since I know so many families who have adopted I could help out a little and try to get some more people involved. I am sending them a package next week so if you have anything you would like to add (I know many of you are creative) let me know either we can add it to my package or you can send it to them yourself. Thanks!!!
Any donations are always appreciated as well (I will probably be hosting a blog fundraiser in the near future for them too.)
Here is their blog link and here is the note the Sam and Laura wrote:

Family & Friends,

You may or may not know that most couples going through the adoption process do some fundraising. This makes us slightly uncomfortable, but adoption is extremely expensive, and therefore we feel it's necessary to find assistance wherever we can. We decided to be creative in our efforts, and so we would like to tell you about the NIKOLAS ADOPTION AUCTION.

We are asking our loved ones (yes, that’s you) to offer something to auction off. All proceeds will go toward adoption costs. Ideas include but are not limited to:

* food items
* gift cards or baskets
* handmade or purchased items
* a service (i.e. babysitting, writing, music/cooking lessons, yard work)
* a special skill or talent that you’re willing to provide (for example, knitting a scarf)
* another example = we will be auctioning off the first phone call for when we find out we have a child, and also our baby names (no one else will know but us and you!)

We fully realize that the holidays are approaching and you probably have other expenses. The reason we are doing this now is because once our home study is completed (December or January), we could receive news of a child anytime. Please do not feel obliged to contribute if you would rather not or are unable.

Thank you in advance, from the bottom of our hearts, for considering helping us with this. We felt it would be a neat way for you to feel like a part of our adoption experience, get something neat in return and maybe get to know someone else that plays an important role in our lives.

If you are willing to offer something, please let us know by November 10 (next Tuesday). We know that we have friends and family in many different locations. If you choose to offer something that is area-specific, please let us know. The auction will take place later this month – more details to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sam and Laura

P.S. Please email Laura at or contact her through Facebook if you are willing to help with this. You can also reach me at 763-381-2538.

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  1. Kelsey my dear, you have brought me to tears. Thank you for doing this - we both love you very much.

    the Aforementioned Laura and Sam