Friday, December 18, 2009

Everyone needs a best friend....

So I just gotta write a post about someone who pretty much has meant the world to me because I'm taking her to the airport tomorrow and I won't see her for two weeks and we are sitting here acting like it's saying goodbye for forever.
So one day four years ago I was sitting in my room with a group of people and a friend of a friend. Somehow during the evening the two of us got ditched and well you know those people you just have a connection with the first time you even meet them? Well this was one of those. We ended up having a wonderful heart to heart that night and life was never the same after that moment. This is me talking about my best friend, my sister, my support, my roomie, my encourager and accountability partner. I truly believe everyone needs that person in their life (yes even you guys). You need someone there (not of the opposite sex) to grow in life together, to challenge each other and be the close community that God had planned for each of us. Everyone needs someone to stay up late talking about boys with, to fight with (yes we have and do actually fight), to forgive, to cry with, laugh with and go on wonderful adventures with. I like any other girl long for the day I will meet the person I will spend the rest of my life with....but I am so blessed to already know the one that I will get to giggle and share with about that soul mate that I hopefully one day will have. I already have the person that I want to speak at my wedding (however embarressing it may be), who I want to have play dates with and talk about growing families and life as we get older. I am beyond blessed.
Our friendship the last four years has not been dull in any sense. We have walked through some major deserts and storms, and we have laughed until our sides hurt and tears were streaming from our eyes. We have cried together and watched as each of us has had to take on trials, feeling helpless and wanting to take the other's burdens. We have made fools of ourselves and weirded out many many people around us, we have traveled together and served together. I have watched this girl grow and serve and show her heart in so many ways and am always blown away.
I continue each day here in Nashville just in disbelief that I am living what most people only get to see in movies and tv shows. I moved to the most exciting city, with no plans of jobs or living situations but I did it with my best friend. The things we have gone through would be things that would normally make me want to sit down cry and give up...yet we have treasured them as our most priceless moments and laughed more than I have ever laughed in my life. We have had adventures in an AL walmart, rented a uhaul and moved a HUGE couch by ourselves, lived the life of unemployment, learned to cook without a microwave, slept on the floor and lived in an apartment with no furniture, had photoshoots just to keep us from getting bored from not having jobs, we have worked jobs at 5 am together, we have cried at the wheelers together (thanks for putting up with us you guys) we have snapped at each other and been blessed by each other. So I may not have found my future spouse yet....but I have found my soul sister and best friend. And after this crazy insane week I just felt that she deserved a little shout out on the blog.......I heart you Jenna Noonan and look forward to all the crazy adventures yet to be had.......

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